The Importance of Motivating Young People

Wed, 06/20/2018 - 14:31

Change is inevitable and can be positive or negative. However, strong desire can bring change in someone’s life. That played also a huge part in my life, and through change I managed to break the cycle and succeed.


Personal Life Perspective.

As a young boy born in an odd environment, I grew up with many unpleasant circumstances and was resolved to break the odds. Though my parents had not had any formal education and nobody in my family had no university education, I aspired to break the trend by making a difference academically. I was ambitious and highly spirited, and I knew that I have to do this for myself, because no one else will do it for me. Self-motivation and self-determination are the hallmarks of my innermost being, that created the strength for the positive change in my life. Consequently, I learned from my personal life experience to stimulate young people and bring the best out of them. Whenever I was privileged to meet any young folk trying to survive the grim route to maturity, I offered encouragement not to get wrecked due to the family social background. I do let these young people know my life story about how I sponsored myself from school up to postgraduate education as a way of instilling the “I can do it” spirit in them. I disregarded the social, environmental challenges, that are human setback good enough to keep me away from striving for the back. Thus, I am motivated to challenge young people to cultivate usual attitudes. The youth should neither accept mediocrity drawn from social pressure nor be allowed to be written off due to horrible circumstances around them.

Inherently, young people are good dreamers with fabulous potentials that could be transformed into tangible achievement. Supporting the youth with constructive motivation could brighten their future perspectives and offer hope to the hopeless. In this regard, motivation becomes a prevailing push for self-realization, and it is the most needed ingredient for fulfilling a successful life, regardless of the age bracket. Motivation is also an essential element for spurring self-determination and self-belief.

Regrettably, most young people are likely to be susceptible to what that could best be referred to as demotivation syndrome. Younger folks can easily be entangled with fear that can cripple their future. This is the reason behind the youth not being sometimes courageous enough to take on new enterprises.  Helping the youth to see failure as a springboard for change and success is important. Life is dynamic and constantly changing, and comes with its own unpredictability. So, motivation is needed to fuel the passion in the youth by bringing out varying dormant skills, talents and dreams in them, creating opportunities and knowledge of the path they should follow. But motivation can come in diverse forms.

Self-determination and Actualization

Motivation helps young people to rediscover themselves and realize dormant potentials in them via self-determination and actualization. Change is unattainable until one comes to a point of realization of the undeveloped potential and opportunities. Self-determination and actualization are the motivational processes that lead to a change of personal estate.  Reading motivational literature or meeting people that could challenge you with practical life scenarios could transform unpleasant circumstances into achievable success. Therefore, motivation can help improve quality of life and to become a unique individual in society.

Self- Belief.

Sadly, not many young folks believe in themselves. In the midst of difficulties, younger people lose hope and turn to give up dreams and hopes. The reason is simple: they lack what I call “I can do mentality”. Some were born and grew up with a sense of self-indulgence and never see anything good in life. Others were born and grew with confidence believing that they are unshakeable irrespective of the environment they found themselves. These sets of people carry life as a “win-win” situation. Nevertheless, self-belief is to be cultivated. For those who do not grow with it, can have it re-cultivated later in life. Those who might have lost it in the process of development due to some nasty external forces that struck them, still stands a second chance. Motivation helps young people to disregard environmental, political, economic, and emotional forces by lifting their eyes up to early morning sun-rays penetrating through the cloud that promising a warming day. Motivation creates in young people the feeling that their life is worth living and they can achieve remarkable things.


Failure as an Evaluation Mirror

Imperatively, young folks should be stimulated to take up new challenges and never fear failure. Fear is a wall, that demarcates successful people from unsuccessful ones. Often, fear of failure stops us from doing something different or embarking on a new project that might put us at the success-peak. A wise man once said, “If you never failed before, it means you have never tried something new” (Albert Einstein).  Therefore, one prime significance of motivation in the life of young people is to wipe out fear and replace it with courage for success, regardless of the individual’s upbringing. Moreover, no one is a failure until we stop doing things differently by not trying new adventures.

My inspiration and path towards a more successful life

Despite unplanned circumstances of my life, I gave my three siblings high school education and beyond. One of them completed polytechnic diploma. I am from polygamy family of eight who indebted in self-development. Went through university education and obtained bachelors and postgraduate degrees from British education. Though, my parents had no formal education, you may be wondering where I got my inspiration and motivation, it’s inherent. A unique character I am shown in personal development is taking responsibility for my life or actions.  Good or bad, I never blame anyone else for things I ought to do.

This inherent personal enthusiasm compelled me during my Middlesex university education. To motivate eight young people challenged them to educate themselves and never blame anybody for their failure in life. I am glad they took my advice and went to both polytechnic and university. Also, I motivate other sets of young people to go to high school and vocational skills training. Letting them know the menace of not doing anything to change their future positively. John C. Maxwell says, “Dreams don’t work except you do”. 

In life, everybody can do something great and important. It's a matter of discovering what you can do in life to change the status-quo. For me, motivating young folks is an investment and the most fulfilling enterprise with long-term benefits. Thus, I pledged not to hold back if I am able to help.


Author: Ogirinye Mcjerry