Frequently Asked Questions

Who is entitled to create an alumni meeting?

All alumni members of the Alumni Hungary who completed their full registration have the right to establish and administer aN event or parallel events. The representatives of the higher education institutions have the same right too. Companies and institutions, who are registered as a partner at the Alumni Hungary portal, are not entitled to create groups. 

What kind of alumni meetings can I organize through the portal?

You can organize events, that are in line with the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy of the Alumni Hungary portal with the aim of reunite former university fellows, find new contacts and friends and expand your professional network. Examples of welcomed events: alumni reunion, networking events, events with concrete professional topics, workshops, conferences, formal meetings etc. 

How can I organize an alumni meeting?

After logging in, you have to click on your Add content green button in your header menu of your profile. Search for the Event option, and after clicking please fill out the event form with all the mandatory fields. Then save your form. 

What are my responsibilities as an alumni meeting organizer?

You have to follow closely what is happening related to your event. You have to keep the information updated, and give all necessary information to the attendees. It is possible, that they will contact you directly with questions related to the event through another platform outside the Alumni Hungary portal, so it is really important that you make your e-mail address visible to other users, or you add it to the description of your event. 

What is meant by the Extra field option on the alumni meeting event form?

With this Extra field option, you have the opportunity to ask your participants about their special needs, or you can use this as an entry requirement in special cases. If you want to add an extra field, please click on the Extra field for sing up for the event field button and check the Necessary option checkbox. This only means that the participants have the option to tell their opinion or to answer your entry question for example about dietary needs, but it isn’t mandatory to fill in. If you want to make sure that every attendees give an answer, you also have to check the Is required checkbox. With these settings, participants cannot apply for an event spot without filling in the form. After that you can type your question in the Label field.

Do I get a notification when a free event place is available?

If you are on a waiting list related to an event, unfortunately you will not get a notification when a free place is available. But if you are the next on the waiting list, you will be automatically added to the attendees list if a new place is available. So it is highly recommended to check the event page often. We also suggest the organizers to contact the attendees shortly before the event, so everybody can make sure if she or he can go to the event or not. 

How can I become a volunteer?

After a successful registration you can find a Become a volunteer blue button on your profile next to your profile photo. Click on this button and fill out the application form carefully, please indicate all fields. It is important that you cannot apply all year long despite the fact that this button will be constantly transparent on your profile. Read more under the next FAQ.

Volunteer application – when should I apply?

We do not have a constantly open volunteer application opportunity. Once a year we publish our new application on the Alumni Hungary portal and on Facebook, so please follow us closely if you want to apply for a volunteer status. The next application period will be in 2018 autumn.