Settling the foundation of Alumni Hungary Pakistan

Thu, 03/21/2019 - 15:54

The freshly established Alumni Hungary Pakistan chapter, had it's first official meeting at the Hungarian Embassy in Pakistan. And so it is the first step towards a successful cooperation in the field of alumni relations. The General Secretary of the Pakistani team, Maria Akhtar Abbasi represented the local chapter in this endeavour, and let us to have a look, how the meeting went. 

Hungarian Embassy in Pakistan

“Dear Maria Akhtar,

Please visit me at the Embassy on 12th of March at 11.00 for an introduction.

Sándor Mihálkó

It was the first email I got by the officials to present our idea of Alumni Hungary Pakistan (AHP) to the Officials at Hungarian Embassy in Pakistan. I knew it is an important meeting because it is the initial move towards our goal. So as soon as I gave the confirmation to come, I asked my team mates if they had anything particular in their minds to be discussed in the meeting, and then with their help I came up with an outline to talk about. To be honest I was excited to go to the Hungarian embassy, and I waited for the day to come.

So when it came, I reached the embassy right on time at 11, (thanks to my sister who drove me there). I was escorted by a gentleman to the meeting room and there I was welcomed by H.E Istvan Szabo and Mr. Sandor Mihalko. It was a warm welcome and we talked about my experiences of stay and study in Hungary.

I was exceptionally glad to notice that Mr. Ambassador took personal interest in the cause, and as per his words “ Education is what we can offer to Pakistani students, and this is the best investment we Hungarians can provide” He also added “…We are particularly interested to get in touch with the students who come back from Hungary, we don’t want to lose that connection. That connection is important for our countries, for the culture, education and the environment.” Not the slightest bit I could differ to what he said as it was plainly in accordance with our points of AHP. Here I likewise need to include that despite the fact that it was an official gathering, Mr Szabo ensured that the ambience was light. When he asked me, " So Maria! did you gain proficiency with any Hungarian?" " I can impeccably say harminckettesektere", I said and there were giggles everywhere throughout the room. 


Later, I discussed about the aims and goals of AHP in detail with Mr. Sandor. Since it was our first meeting, it was critical for the two of us to know the motivation of the opposite side. I was intrigued to realize how me and my team might be progressively advantageous to them and He was sufficiently benevolent to tune in to my perspective. Eventually we came up with our current agenda, that is two-crease. For the present, our first need is to assemble every one of the students who returned from Hungary on this platform. And second is to come up with a strong team within next two months that can orient the potential students about life in Hungary in order to make things easy for them in future. 

After we closed the meeting about the formal issues, Mr. Sandor was so gentle to walk me around the meeting room, and add to my knowledge of Hungarian Pakistan Democratic relations. It was so interesting an information for me that one of the most instrumental characters in the history of GCU, Lahore was a Hungarian named Dr. Gottlieb Wilhelm. He also played his role in the establishment of University of Punjab. Another very surprising thing for me was to see the work of Petofi Sandor in Punjabi by Sarwat Mohiuddin.

Concluding the day, I can say that It felt great to be at second home away from my second home, and with my team I am already working on the assignment. At the end, I’d like to thank H.E Istvan Szabo and Mr. Sandor Mihalko for their benevolent mentorship in order to help us establish AHP. 

A blog post by Maria Akhtar Abbasi.