50 Delicacies on Earth

The University of Pécs has published a special recipe book with recipes from international students. The book introduces dishes from 50 different countries from Algeria to Vietnam. 

08 April 2019

Recipe book of the University of Pécs

"All signs suggest that this book is a recipe book. An international recipe book. Fifty dishes and the wines accompanying them. It would already be enough for a cookbook. But this book is not a mere collection of recipes. Through these dishes and short stories, we can get acquainted with some young students of the University of Pécs from the Scottish Highlands through Inner Africa to the Caribbean Sea. We walk alongside them on the path to Pécs. We get to know them, we can almost clink our glasses with them. Exotic spices and ingredients, folk customs, utterly hot peppers, eastern secrets, wars, and family feasts await the readers who get this extraordinary book in their hands." - Review by "Pécsi Borozó" gastronomy and wine magazine

The introductory price of the book is 4500 HUF during the International Spring (until 30 June 2019).  

You can buy it at the following sites (the list is continuously expanded): 

  • Medical School Student Union (Medical School Campus, Pécs, Szigeti str. 12.)
  • PTE Research Institute for Viticulture and Enology (Pécs, Pázmány Péter str. 4.)

And at the following office of the University of Pécs:

  • University of Pécs, Rector’s Cabinet, Room 108 (Pécs, Vasvári Pál street 4) Opening hours: Tue-Wed-Thu: 8-10 am and 1-3 pm. You can make an individual appointment for the purchase with our contact person, Brigitta MIKLÓSNÉ KÁLLINGER at kallinger.brigitta@pte.hu. We can only accept payment in cash.


If you can't by it personally, than ask a friend in Hungary to send you one, and dive in!

You can pre-order the book by filling the following form (limited offer)

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