Interview with H.E. Dr. Ms. Eniola Olaitan Ajay, Ambassador of Nigeria to Budapest

An interview about Nigerian-Hungarian relations, Nigerian opportunities, and local Nigerian communities. Hopefully the relation between the two countries will get stronger in order to build succesfull future cooperations.

14 January 2019

Nigeria ambassador

GLOBS: I am very curious about how you feel in Hungary and what you think of our country.

Eniola Olaitan Ajay: I think Hungary is very beautiful, clean and peaceful. Culture here is very important, the landscapes are gorgeous and the countryside is very developed.


GLOBS: As Madam Ambassador know, Nigeria is also called the African giant, because it is a huge country with practically unlimited resources and a dynamic economy. What are the areas where we could cooperate?

Eniola Olaitan Ajay: The country is Africa’s most populous country with the largest black population on the Earth. At present, the economy is really strong and we have many natural resources. There are numerous opportunities, such as oil, gas, mineral resources, agriculture and tourism. Agriculture is one of the areas where Nigeria can be a partner of Hungary. In the 1970s, there was an oil boom in the country. However, agriculture used to be one of the most important elements of the Nigerian economy. In recent years, we began to recognize the real value of the sector’s development. I have noticed that the Hungarians have well-developed tools for mechanized agriculture. For example, this is something I hope we can deepen our relationship with your country.


GLOBS: What do you think about the relationship between Hungary and Nigeria?

Eniola Olaitan Ajay: Well, I think it could be better. If we pay more attention to one another and understand each other’s philosophy better, our relationship may be much better with a more positive and optimistic attitude.


GLOBS: Nigeria is one of the leaders of African countries south of Sahara. What is Nigeria’s message to other African countries? How can they solve their problems?

Eniola Olaitan Ajay: It is true that Nigeria is one of the leading countries in Africa and the country has a leading role in many areas. Nevertheless, the people of Nigeria believe in sovereignty, and of course we can work together with others. We believe that every country can work independently and be able to stand on its own. What we are really trying to do is to gather information from everyone regarding the best ways to be competitive in every corner of the world. Therefore, this is my message to other African countries: everyone should find out what is the best way to be successful. So I think the Africans have to stand up and take their own fate in their own hands.


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Source: by Dávid NÉMETH, Journalist – GLOBS Magazine