Your personal to do list as an international alumni member

Help us to build the Alumni Hungary community through these instant ideas, suggested by other international alumni members.

18 October 2018

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Imagine if every member would invite only 2 more alumni to join the network, we could reach more than 7 000 possible graduates around the world.

As an international alumni member you become also an ambassador of the Alumni Hungary Network in your country and in your professional field. You are the most important intermediary person for us in our endeavour reaching more and more alumni member. So we are eager to have you on board in our promotion process.

That is why we have brought you some easy ways through which you can support the Alumni Hungary Network and help us to grow and be more effective. We created a list for you from you can choose your favourite one if you want, but we are always open for other ideas. So here it is, your personal to do list as an international alumni member:


Personal to do list 1

Personal to do list 2