Creating shared success stories through alumni relations

More opportunities are needed for establishing international cooperations to flourish innovation and research. The first International Alumni Workshop was organised in Budapest between 3-5 October for a not smaller purpose than motivate these actions in the field of healthcare and innovation. After the workshop we are very confident that this will be a “To be continued …” story in the future.

An international community where ideas gets real

Study in Hungary ambassadors or as we call them: Campus Buddies

The Alumni Hungary experience and journey starts way before graduation. It actually begins when somebody starts her or his studies in a Hungarian higher education institution. We call this whole experience a student-alumni lifecycle.

Establish groups and start networking

Have conversations and debates on our portal

Every activity you start and run on the portal is embedded in a community focused context, because this is the main goal of the portal: establishing communities that are constantly developing and growing. Groups can be the perfect instruments for this purpose. Let's see how you can create one!

Farewell speech contest 2018

Before the Stipendium Hungaricum Farewell Party, we decided to announce a farewell speech contest among the participants of the event.