SZTE Enters Memorandum of Understanding with Chinese University

The University of Szeged and Hebei Agricultural University of China has signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the development of agriculture education and research on the 7th June. The establishment of a modern agricultural research centre, student and faculty exchange programs and joint study programs are among the aims of the agreement.

Mon, 05/27/2019 - 15:28

Life of humans starts from the womb of mother, when the heart beat of an embryo takes its first course towards journey of life and it ends when the soul departs the body. During this whole transition of life from the mother’s womb to the last moments of life, a person is destined to learn and educate. So education has always been an important treasure to the world and the educated society is always well organised, strong and united. It has always been a powerful tool to eradicate social and economical afflictions of society.

Summer school? Come to Hungary!

It’s only spring now, but it’s time to plan your summer already! The summer at Hungarian universities will be full of life: join one of the universities’ Hungarian language summer schools and have a great summer in Hungary!

The Alumni Hungary Communication Handbook is out!

Your key handbook towards a successful and efficient communication, which helps you to share your Hungarian experiences, memories and professional achievements with other Alumni Hungary Members and with the Alumni Hungary Team.

Alumni Hungary Pakistan: A local chapter is established

Alumni Hungary Pakistan is a local chapter of Alumni Hungary. The chapter is established with mutual-cooperation of Alumni Hungary Network and four active Alumni members from Pakistan who recently completed their respective phases of education from different Hungarian higher education institutions.