Smart, Sustainable and Safe Cities Conference

The year 2019 marks the 4th anniversary of this important conference series. The conference will provide an excellent platform on research field of smart sustainable and safe cities for knowledge exchange between researchers, scientists, academicians and engineers.


Everybody is welcome to register and participate at the SSSCC 2019 conference. Come join us in Hungary! See You Budapest!

Related scientific areas:


  • Computer applications 
  • Technologies for smart cities 
  • Smart cities management 
  • Cyber physical systems 
  • Algorithms, agents, simulation and prediction, software engineering 
  • Best practices for smart cities transformation 
  • RFID based control system for smart city transportation 
  • Intelligent transportation systems and technologies 
  • Self Driving Cars 
  • Computer-based systems for smart cities 
  • Intelligent computing systems 
  • Robotics applications in smart cities 
  • Robotic Intelligence in Informationally Structured Space 
  • Robot System Integration in Human Life 
  • Human-Robot Interaction 
  • Human Centered Systems 
  • Swarm Robotics, Cloud Robotics 
  • Flying Robots 
  • Cloud Robotics 
  • Autonomous Unmanned Air Vehicles 
  • Intelligent manufacturing and automation 
  • Artificial intelligence 
  • Applications of artificial intelligence in smart cities 
  • Sensors, networks, smart and emerging technologies 
  • Smart city system security and privacy 
  • Urban computing for smart cities 
  • Smart city big data and open data 
  • Smart city sensing and Internet of Things 
  • City environment monitoring and analysis 
  • City emergency management and infrastructures 
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection 
  • Control network and SCADA security 
  • Factory 4.0 
  • Smart cities are energy efficient cities 
  • Smart Materials and systems for smart cities 
  • Embedded systems 
  • Cloud computing 
  • Industrial electronics 
  • Computational intelligence 
  • Information engineering 
  • Network & communication technologies 
  • Signal & image processing 
  • Trusted computing & secure systems 

Read more about submisson deadlines and the registration process here:


1084 Tavaszmező str. 15-17

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