5 reasons to join the Alumni Hungary Community!

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10 April 2019

Get to know the 5 most important benefits you can reach with your Alumni Hungary Membership after registering to the Alumni Hungary Portal.

#1 Alumni meeting in Hungary

Get invited to international alumni events in Hungary. Get event dates from first hand, to meet other members from around the world



#2 International alumni database

Put yourself on the Alumni Map. Be visible and connect with other members.

alaumni map


#3 Self-branding

Your success matters! Share it with a highly qualified professional community, promote your achievements and let opportunities find you!



#4 Exclusive online services

Do not miss the chance to get useful advice related to career, recruitment and professional development in the frame of coaching and webinars

Online coaching


#5 Alumni events

Transform your online alumni contacts into real-life experiences and establish lifelong partnerships at self-organized, local alumni events. It all starts with a hi

real-life exeprience