Veszprém is going to be European Capital of Culture 2023

It is Veszprém’s bid for European Capital of Culture that is backed by the project’s independent, international experts’ board, the decision was announced on Friday in Budapest. Veszprém mayor Gyula Porga and the team of Veszprém-Balaton 2023 wish to thank all who have helped in the preparation process over the past three years.

20 December 2018


Before the official announcement, Aiva Rozenberga, chair of the board declared: they have read and encountered a great number of excellent initiatives and progressive ideas in all three finalist candidate cities’ bids. She added: winning the title does not only have an effect on the one city, but on the country, and indeed, the whole continent. After the annozncement, she added:

Veszprém has the potential to make a valuable addition to the European cultural heritage.


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