Hungarian Restaurants Around the World

News · 15 Jul 2019

Regardless of a sometimes “too spicy” first impression, Hungarian gastronomy is exciting enough to deserve a spot in the international food scene. When you are abroad, you don’t necessarily have to miss out on Hungarian flavours. Come join us on a journey, and let’s take a look at the below restaurants and eateries that spread the good reputation of the Hungarian gastro culture around the world. 


Farewell Speech by Sali Said from Syria

News · 28 Jun 2019

The Stipendium Hungaricum Programme is not only important for scholarship holders but also for the host and sending countries as it opens the gates for more cooperation and dialogue and spreads an open-minded culture that respects and tolerates people of all kinds.


SZTE Enters Memorandum of Understanding with Chinese University

News · 18 Jun 2019

The University of Szeged and Hebei Agricultural University of China has signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the development of agriculture education and research on the 7th June. The establishment of a modern agricultural research centre, student and faculty exchange programs and joint study programs are among the aims of the agreement.


They started in Hungary, they’re young and successful

News · 17 Jun 2019

Somebody's product has endorsed by Apple, a group of people discovered a new heat storage method, others became evolutioners of the pharmaceutical industry with their cell simulation software. What is common to all of them: They owe a lot to the educational system of Hungary where they 're all started.


7 Hungarian Modern Books Available in English

News · 6 Jun 2019

With a native language spoken by only 14 million people in the world, Hungarian writers need to fight an uphill battle if they want to gain worldwide, international reputation. However, the bests do succeed; here’s a partial list of them.


NAFSA’s Annual Conference and Expo is happening now in Washington DC

A week of learning and networking for nearly 10,000 attendees participating from more than 100 countries
News · 30 May 2019

NAFSA, Association of International Educators is the world's largest nonprofit association dedicated to international education and exchange and in 2018, NAFSA celebrated its 70th anniversary of serving international educators. NAFSA’s Annual Conference and Expo - happening right now - continues to serve as the preeminent unifying destination for the diverse voices of international education to gather each year. The event offers attendees the most expansive views, segmented learning opportunities, and engaging networking events. Each year, nearly 10,000 attendees participate from more than 100 countries.


Alumni meetings in 2019

News · 13 May 2019

Transform your online alumni contacts into real-life experiences and establish lifelong partnerships at local alumni events of the Alumni Hungary Network. Check out the new event dates now, and stay tuned because we will add other alumni meetings to the list.